1 Terminology and abbreviations

1.2 Abbreviations

The table below shows the abbreviations that are used throughout this unit, and their meanings.

Table 1: Abbreviations

ADSL asymmetric digital PGP Pretty Good Privacy
  subscriber line PING packet internet groper
DES Data Encryption Standard PSTN public switched telephone
DMZ demilitarised zone network
DNS domain name system RC2 Rivest cipher 2
DSS Digital Signature Standard RC4 Rivest cipher 4
FTP file transfer protocol RSA Rivest, Shamir and
IANA Internet Assigned Numbers Adleman block cipher
  Authority S-HTTP secure hypertext transfer
ICMP internet control message protocol
  protocol S/MIME secure/multipurpose internet
IDEA International Data mail extensions
  Encryption Algorithm SET secure electronic transaction
IP internet protocol SHA secure hash algorithm
IPSec internet protocol security SIM subscriber identity module
ISDN integrated services digital SMTP simple mail transfer
  network protocol
ISO International Organization TCP transmission control
  for Standardization protocol
LAN local area network UDP user datagram protocol
MD5 message digest 5 VPN virtual private network
MSP message security protocol XOR exclusive-OR
NSA National Security Agency 3DES Triple Data Encryption
OSI open systems Standard