U074 Key skill assessment unit: Information literacy

5 Effective use of information literacy skills

The purpose of this assessment unit is for you to create a portfolio of your work that shows you can improve your information literacy skills and apply them within your study or work activities. A central aim is for you to use the process to support your learning and improve your performance overall.

You will need to show that you can search for, select and critically evaluate information. Using information literacy skills effectively involves applying your skills appropriately in different situations and reflecting on your performance. You should be able to show that you can plan your work, monitor how things are going, stand back at intervals to reflect on your performance, and identify what you might do to improve in the future.

It is important to plan ahead and consider carefully what evidence you will need to demonstrate your skills. You should allow at least 3–4 months to develop, practise and apply your skills and to put together your portfolio.