U074 Key skill assessment unit: Information literacy

6 What you should present

This assessment unit has two parts. Part A requires you to plan, monitor, evaluate and reflect upon your skills, and present evidence of that process. Part B requires you to select concise examples of your work that demonstrate what you have done to improve and apply your skills. Together the two parts form a portfolio of your achievements. You can use the guidance, Bookmarks and Skills Sheets included in OpenLearn unit U529_1 Key skills – making a difference to help you structure and present your work.

You will need to make judgements about how well you have achieved the required standards, and make your own assessment of the quality of your work. To help you do this Table 1 contains statements about the criteria you should use to assess the quality of your work and guidance about the evidence you need to present. If you were to present your work for assessment, the assessors would use the same criteria to judge the evidence you have selected.

Check your work carefully. Make sure that it shows the criteria have been met, and annotate it to identify the evidence that relates to each criterion. To help you select appropriate evidence, refer to Table 1 while you are working on this assessment unit.

Table 1 (PDF, 3 pages, 0.1MB)

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To complete your portfolio, include a contents page (see the example in Figure 1 above) that lists the items of evidence you are including for each part.