U076 Key skill assessment unit: Problem solving

9 Notes to help you complete your assessment

To complete your assessment portfolio include a contents page to show what evidence you have included for each part. An example of a suitable format for the contents page is shown in Figure 1 above.

Figure 1 (PDF, 1 page, 0.1MB)

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Although the requirements of Parts A and B are listed separately you should think of them as parts of a whole in which each part relates to the others. Parts A and B together must show that you can plan strategically to improve your learning and performance, monitor your progress and evaluate your overall strategy as you produce a piece of work.

The work you put into your portfolio should meet the criteria given in Table 1. These criteria will be used in assessing your work. As you work on this unit, use the criteria to help you keep track of your progress and to check that it meets the required standard. Your evidence and commentary should be sufficient to verify your achievements.

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