2 Taster materials

Example assignment 1 from Y156 Understanding Children

Do this assignment after you have completed work on unit 1.

Task 1 – Essay task

Essay title: Young babies can do more than we often give them credit for. Discuss.

Do not begin by answering the essay title. Instead you should work through each of the parts below in order.

Part 1: Write a list of between four and six points which you think are relevant to this question. Each point may be agreeing with, questioning or disagreeing with the essay title. To get you started, we thought of the point that:

Part 2: Using your list of points, flick back through unit 1 and try to find some evidence for each of your ideas. This evidence could be a quotation or a section where the general idea was discussed. It could also be from a section of video recording. Note down your evidence for each point with its reference. For example:

Part 3: Write four or five paragraphs using your points and evidence. You should avoid using numbering or bullet points. Write your ideas in full sentences and link your ideas together. Use approximately 700 words and do remember to include your references in the body of the text and also as a list at the end of the task.

Task 2 – Effective study review activity

Understanding children will provide you with the opportunity to begin thinking about how you study. Some areas of studying you may find easy, others more of a challenge. For most people studying effectively takes time and practice but we hope it will become something that you enjoy.

So far you have been briefly introduced to each of the 6 areas of study which will be covered in Understanding children. This is your first opportunity to reflect upon how confident you feel in these areas by completing the following questions.

Part 1: Use the table below to check whether there are any areas of your studies that you feel particularly concerned about at the moment.

Study area Confident OK so far A bit confused Really worried
Demonstrating understanding        
Writing for study        
Reading for study        
Collecting evidence        
Using evidence        
Evaluation of ideas        

Part 2: Identify one way in which you found it quite difficult to complete the tasks in Part A and one way in which you found it quite easy. (Use approximately 100 words)