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Example of tutor feedback on assignment:

As a student on the course your tutor will give a range of feedback on your first two assignments in order to help you successfully prepare for the final assessed piece of work. The assignments marked by your tutor do not count towards a final mark – and so the feedback is there to give you guidance on what you have done well and what needs to be changed so that you can do better. Tutors provide this guidance by writing on a feedback sheet – called a PT3 (an example is included) and by talking things through with you at the next tutorial.

After you have read the feedback – consider

Sample of tutor's PTE comments on assignment: tutor's general summary

Hi Jane, Thank you for your first Openings assignment, and well done for meeting your deadline.

First, well done for getting this assignment in so promptly. Here are my thoughts on the different learning outcomes (have a look at pages 8 and 9 of the Assignment Book for the details of these).

Learning Outcome 1: demonstrate course knowledge and understanding, in your own words:

Achieved. You've done well here to provide a range of evidence that demonstrates your understanding of the course materials. There are a few points that you could have developed a little. I think also that whilst you have tried to put some of the points into your own words, you have drawn quite closely on the course materials. However, putting things into your own words will come with practice; it's not easy to do to start with. On the whole, I think you've put together a sound discussion of the essay title.

Learning Outcome 2: use evidence and argument:

Nearly Achieved. You are close to the higher level here but whilst you look at different sides of the question, we now need to work on developing the discussion as argument. We will focus on this sort of balance for assignment 2. We will also work towards helping you to integrate your quotes.

Learning Outcome 3: communicate effectively in writing:

Achieved. Your work is presented quite nicely and you have made every effort to cite your quotes appropriately. This is sound academic practice. You write quite nicely but if you read your work aloud to yourself it might help you avoid long and confusing sentences. It's also worth getting someone to read your work as they might pick up on small but important spelling or grammatical errors that it's often hard for you, the writer, to see yourself.

Learning Outcome 4: reflect on your own learning:

Achieved. There is sound evidence of valid reflection in Task 2. We can have a chat about any areas of concern when we next speak. However, don't worry at present; you are on the right track.

So this is a good first assignment, nicely presented and including some thoughtful points. Don't worry about not achieving all the Learning Outcomes; this is quite normal at this stage.

This is a very sound start to the course – well done. There are some things to develop and work on – and we will talk these through at our next tutorial at 6pm on the 30th January.


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