2 Taster materials

Example course material

The idea of this taster pack is to give you a very brief taste of what it is like to study on Y157 Understanding society.

The short texts included in this pack come from different chapters in the course book. These example texts do not have the photographs and diagrams that are a feature of the course, nor is it produced on high quality paper with the clearly designed layout of the book. However, the text does give you a good idea about the subject content and the level of the course. Read through each text and try the activities.

After you have read the texts – consider

There are no wrong or right answers to these questions – but if you found the text and activities either ‘very difficult’ or ‘too simplistic’, then there may be other courses which could suit you better.

Example assignment

Read through the assignment questions and guidance notes. Consider what the student is being asked to do.

After you have read the questions and the guidance notes – consider

Example of tutor feedback on assignment

Your tutor would give a range of feedback on your first 2 assignments in order to help you successfully prepare for the final assessed piece of work. The assignments marked by your tutor do not count towards a final mark – and so the feedback is there to give you guidance on what you have done well and what needs to be changed so that you can do better. Tutors provide this guidance by writing on a feedback sheet – called a PT3 and by talking things through during tutorials.

After you have read the feedback – consider