2 Taster materials

Comment on the course material and the sample activities

How did you get on with the activities? Did you find them difficult or did they take a long time to work on? Most students on Y157 find these activities quite hard at first.

There is lots of help and guidance in the course materials to help you develop skills needed for higher level study. Key skills developed on the course include:

Reading and note-taking; Reading and using evidence; Writing academic essays; Reflecting on your own learning.

Students are supported in their work by a tutor. The tutor works with students to help them understand the key ideas on the course and to develop skills. One of the main ways in which the tutor helps students is through correspondence tuition and by giving feedback on written assignments. The next section will show you how this works on Y157. The next few pages contain an extract from an assignment and examples of how a tutor might respond to a student's work.

Now that you have read the texts – consider

There are no wrong or right answers to these questions – but if you found the text and activities either ‘very difficult’ or ‘too simplistic’, then there may be other courses which could suit you better.