2 Taster materials

Example question from assignment 2 of Y157 Understanding society

Below is a typical question from Assignment 2 of the course:

Question 1

A What are the issues involved in the development of a global market? (approximately 850 words)
B What feedback did you get from your tutor about TMA1 and how did you use it? (approximately 75 words)

Guidance on Question 1

Task 1

You will find the bulk of the material you will need in chapter 4 of the book.

The question asks you to do two things: first to describe the development of the global market, and second to describe its main effects. In your first paragraph, you will need to set the scene by describing briefly what the global market is. You should include some comment on the process of globalisation, and some reference to the changes that it has brought about in trade between areas of the world. Then spend some time describing the effects of the global market before coming to a conclusion in which you sum up what you have said. Your main task in the essay is to tell the ‘story’ of the chapter and put it in your own words. To do this you will need to select from the material in the chapter- you cannot include everything. There isn't a ‘right’ answer for you to find; use your own judgement about which parts of the chapter to include.

Task 2

This question is about learning from feedback, a very important part of the learning process. You do not need to include everything your tutor said in your answer. Just pick two or three points which you found particularly helpful (from either the PT3 form or the comments on your script of TMA1) and show how you made use of them in this assignment.

Now that you have read the questions and the guidance notes – consider

Over the next two pages there is an example of a student response to this question with tutor feedback. The tutor will put general comments on a PT3 form and make more detailed comments on the student's actual script. The tutor is also likely to correct spelling and grammar etc., although this has not been done in the example overleaf.