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Types of seizure

Seizures can be divided into groups. Click on the tabs to find out more.

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With this type of seizure, activity starts in one part of brain.

Partial seizures can be:

  • simple - where the person stays awake, but may become confused and move jerkily
  • complex - where their awareness of their surroundings changes and they may lose consciousness
  • secondary generalisation - the activity starts in one area of the brain and spreads.

With this type of seizure, activity involves the whole of the brain.

Generalised seizures include:

  • absence - staring / blinking without falling
  • atonic - collapsing heavily
  • myoclonic - jerking movements
  • tonic - rigid muscle contraction
  • tonic clonic - stiffening, falling and jerking movements.
Status epilepticus / Clusters

Status epilepticus (Status) is a condition where seizures are continual or repeated without the person regaining consciousness.

Serial seizures, or clusters, recur at frequent intervals with recovery between episodes.

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