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Supporting someone during a seizure

Get to know your service users and their support plans so that you are aware of what might happen during a seizure.

Select the tabs to read about the do’s and don’t's and what you should do in an emergency.

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Remember to:

  • ask for assistance whenever possible
  • check their support plan / emergency protocol
  • move obstacles out of the way
  • support their head on your lap or a rolled-up towel
  • keep their airway clear
  • reassure them
  • record the details of what happened and at what times after the event.

Remember not to:

  • panic
  • put anything in their mouth (as people used to advise)
  • move them unless absolutely necessary
  • leave them alone.

Always call for an ambulance if the person:

  • is having difficulty breathing
  • has been seriously injured
  • doesn’t react to emergency medication
  • fails to recover.