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This is a tutorial resource to explain Access Grid to Social Scientists and others who may wish to use this collaborative technology in their research or to further other goals.

The structure is simple - individual units cover the main areas of interest and they can be accessed by clicking the links below (e.g. 'Unit 1: Introduction to Access Grid' takes you to the first unit).

The units consist of a set of questions providing more information about the subjects listed on the page and for more background information you can click the links above i.e. 'Useful Links' or 'Glossary'.

To return to this Home page listing the units just click the 'Home' link on each page of the tutorial.


List of Units

Unit 1: Introduction to Access Grid
This unit explains what Access Grid is all about in terms of its philosophy, main features and who is developing this form of collaborative technology. Check out the photos to see what people are doing!

Unit 2: Social Science and Access Grid
This unit explores what Access Grid might mean to Social Scientists and how it can help them to work in a more collaborative way with colleagues within, and outside, their discipline.

Unit 3: A Guide to Using Access Grid
This unit offers a detailed guide of what participants in Access Grid meetings need to know to make the most effective use of this technology.

Unit 4: Beyond Access Grid
This unit looks at the wider context of Access Grid and other ways of working collaboratively. The future development of Access Grid technologies is considered, with a focus on how this might affect Social Scientists.

The Tutorial was funded by the ESRC and JISC and produced at the University of Manchester

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