Connecting with Other People on the Access Grid

People meet together on the Access Grid in a Virtual Venue. As face-to-face meetings take place in physical spaces, so Access Grid meetings take place in virtual spaces (as well as physical ones). The idea of the Virtual Venue is a metaphor to illustrate how people connect to colleagues on the Access Grid and where these geographically-distributed people can work and meet together. The Virtual Venue is where everyone meets 'electronically'. This is 'where' the Access Grid event is held.

How do people meet on the Access Grid? Participants need to select the Virtual Venue where the meeting is to be held from a list (this may be done by the node operators who provide technical support) and then they need to join this Venue. They will then be able to see and hear people from the other Access Grid node(s) who have also entered the Venue.

Virtual Organisations, and Virtual Communities are being made possible by using the Access Grid technology. These forms of organisation transcend some of the limitations of existing work organisations, enabling specialists to temporarily link-up to work on new projects. They may form longer-lasting Virtual Communities to share common ideas and work practices and meet together in their own Virtual Venue.