Guide for Facilitators/Chairs

Meeting Facilitators introduce presenters to the other participants at the event. If practicable, they should also ask all participants to introduce themselves. As well as being good practice anyway, this also serves the purpose of making sure that everyone is within range of a microphone (can be heard) and on camera (can be seen). It is also often useful, especially for an audience new to the technology, for facilitators to introduce the technology and unique aspects of Access Grid to participants.

Facilitators play an important role in the smooth running of larger events. A Meeting Facilitator can also be thought of as a Master of Ceremonies. At formal structured events, the need for some degree of planning probably increases. If there is a formal agenda, they will ensure good timekeeping.

Facilitators will naturally adopt their own style, but the general idea is to put people at their ease. Summarising the state of play at certain points may be useful, especially during extended meetings.

Here are some suggested questions to ask yourself as a Meeting Facilitator:

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