Guide for Meeting Organisers

Organisers plan and arrange Access Grid sessions and co-ordinate the nodes involved in a meeting. They need good people-skills in order to co-ordinate with Organisers at the other nodes participating in the event. Organisers also need some technical knowledge about the Access Grid (short of being an expert), since they will need to co-ordinate with technical support staff, such as node operators.

Is there a need for a pre-meeting test? If the event involves lots of sites, especially sites with little experience, or the event is high-profile - such as a demonstration to someone important - it is very wise to have a pre-meeting test at least a day before the event, to allow for any problems to be solved. For other events, a pre-meeting test might be arranged for 30 minutes beforehand. Only if the event is routine and it is relatively unimportant if something goes wrong should sites turn up just a few minutes before the meeting.

You may wish to re-arrange the furniture in the meeting room if you feel that will help (e.g. move the chairs around). Another idea is to have a visible banner (or sign) in view of each camera to let everyone know where the picture is coming from.

Here is a checklist of questions to ask yourself:

A downloadable PDF file of this check list is available here: Organiser's Checklist

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