Guide for an Audience

The Audience are participants at an Access Grid event who have no formal duties or other role to perform in the event. Depending on how the event is arranged, they may take a more or less active role in the proceedings. At a formal presentation (e.g. a lecture), they may act like a typical audience in a face-to-face situation where they listen and ask questions at certain points. In less-structured Access Grid events (e.g. social activities), the Audience might be expected to take a much more interactive part in proceedings.

The main things to be aware of as an Audience member is to ensure you are within reach of a microphone if you wish to speak and that you are on camera. You should also be aware of procedures for asking questions as these may be more formal than in a non-Access Grid meeting. You may want to bring in a laptop with wireless connectivity to enable you to take part in sideband conversations (this is like whispering to your neighbour, except that your neighbour may be many miles away) via a text chat tool, such as the MUD, or to use other collaborative software being used in the meeting such as Question Tool. Get in touch with the Meeting Organiser to see what is going to be used.

More basic things that you need to know include knowing when and where the event is taking place and the purpose of the meeting.