Presenting over Access Grid

Some brief ideas for presenting over the Access Grid are offered here that have been based on feedback from previous Presenters. They are not meant to be comprehensive, but they may be of help even to experienced lecturers who are using this new medium for the first time. They can be read in conjunction with the Guide for Presenters in this Unit.

A few suggestions when presenting over Access Grid:

Since Access Grid uses a form of video conferencing technology, the technology itself may present barriers. One of those barriers is the lack of direct eye contact between Presenter and Audience. You may need to think of yourself more as reading the news than using traditional presentation skills. It's difficult to know if your audience are following your talk if you cannot see them close-up.

There may be a need to rehearse your presentation, especially if the event is formal or important. Adequate rehearsals will help you to know where to look (at the camera) and the appropriate camera angles and arrangements (e.g. close-ups) that are possible. You will also learn about how to get good audio for your speech from sound checks and good positioning of microphones. Presenters need to be as aware as possible of the limitations or otherwise of the technical equipment they are using and to take appropriate compensatory action if necessary.