5 Developments of the PCR technique

PCR has developed over the years and the number of variations has grown rapidly.

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  • Colony PCR

    After transformation bacterial clones can be screened for the correct recombinant DNA products using this method. Colonies are picked with a sterile toothpick and dabbed into the PCR master mix or sterile water. Primers (and the master mix) are added and the reaction started with an extended time at 95C;

  • Multiplex-PCR

    In this case several sets of unique primer pairs are used in a single reaction to give products of varying, specific, sizes. Thus information for several genes may be gained in one reaction saving time and resources. Each primer set must work at the selected annealing temperature and the products be distinguishable in size. This protocol is used in DNA profiling, detection of foreign organisms and clinical diagnoses.

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