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Poverty and Inequality - Work


Absolute definition of poverty is based on the idea that there is a subsistence level of income necessary to sustain life

Relative definition of poverty defines poverty in terms of the standards of living in a particular society at a given time.

Subjective factors of poverty a personal view or experience of some of the factors of poverty, for example how people experience poverty, how it makes them feel.

Objective factors of poverty are conditions or states that can be measured without asking the individual for their view

Sociological imagination a term used by C Wright Mills to describe the ability to trace the links between wider society and the lives of individuals

Private troubles and public issues Concepts used by C Wright Mills to illustrate the relationship between what happens in our private lives and what concerns us within society.

Socially Constructed figures that have been gathered are defined by individuals with a particular use in mind. They reflect in part the ways in which the government chooses to record and measure these states.

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