Note taking

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Because of the different learning styles everyone makes their notes in their own way. The key is to know the objectives of what you are trying to find out. The notes are for your purpose so the most important thing is they suit you. It does not matter if they are neat, messy, ordered list or sprawling diagrams, can you follow them and answer the questions?

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Here is an extract from a lecture on essay writing, how we speak is not how we should write, this extract is long and can be easily summarised.
Get a pen and a piece of paper and see how you would take notes on this? .......

Essay Writing

I am going to talk about essay writing, which all of you will probably have to do when you enter higher education. There are five stages to consider and we hope you experience them during the weekend. There will also be reports and case studies to do in HE.

Firstly – is understanding the task – following instructions and working out the scope of what you have to do ….taking in the big picture, and asking questions if its not clear. If you do not understand the task you can not write about it.

2nd The next stage is planning and preparing your material to put into the essay. Looking round, finding materials , identifying key points and starting to shape the order of things, it is very important having that picture of what it might look like.

3rd Then you have to write a draft, the first draft , using the materials you have down the main points think how you might introduce it and what your conclusions might be.

4th The next stage is to review the materials and draft ..does it make sense and have you enough evidence to support those conclusions, what do you need more?

Stage 5 is to write the final draft, revising the first draft ensuring it is clear and straightforward and checking the conclusions follow the argument throughout.

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