Note Taking Exercise: Answers

Question 1:

Pete Simpson decided he needed to get around more easily and he bought a new car. What is the car and what was the shade of the paint?

Answer: Golf GTI, metallic blue

Question 2:

Justin Brown needed a new car and decided to buy one. How much did Justin Brown spend on the car and where did he buy it?

Answer: 9,000 at an auction

Question 3:

The car was sold at auction after it was stolen. Who sold the car at the auction after the theft and how were the documents obtained?

Answer: Shaggy Jack's Mate, who had also forged the documents

Question 4:

Pete had to wait for the car some time before he received it. How long did Pete have to wait for the car after he bought it and why did he have to wait?

Answer:4 months, he had ordered the special metallic blue paint