Note taking Exercise: Step 2 of 3

Exercise iconMaking Notes on the Facts

  1. On a separate piece of paper summarise the facts you need to answer the questions.

    The Facts:

    Pete Simpson has a brand new metallic blue GOLF GTI of which he is very proud. He has saved hard earned cash for two years to afford it and waited for four months for it to be delivered because it was the special metallic blue. It cost him £15,500.

    A local thief, Shaggy Jack, catches Pete unawares when he is talking to his girlfriend’s Mum at her door and has left the car running. Shaggy Jack drives off in the car and passes it to a mate who has documents forged, changes the number plate and sells it at an auction.

    Justin Brown buys the car at auction for £9,000, runs it for six months then uses it on a part exchange deal with a car dealer to get an Audi.

    The car dealer sells the car to Kylie Peters for £5500 and she has all the legitimate documentation. Pete had fitted a certain radio and put a scratch on the dashboard when trying to fit a Christmas tree into the car and recognises the car when Kylie gives a lift home to Pete and a friend after a birthday drink at a pub.

    Shaggy Jack cannot be found, and Justin and Kylie had no idea the car was stolen.

  2. When you have finished go to the final step which includes using your notes for both the questions and the facts.