Note Taking Tutor Notes

objective iconObjective:

Teach students different ways of note taking.
To practice making notes on questions, taking notes from written material and answering the question.

Reading iconAudience:

Most students will not be experienced in 'lecture' type teaching, we suggest you use this exercise with all students as a general induction to higher education. Some students may never have taken notes before. At school course books are followed, the nearest students have got to note taking is taking down 'dictated notes' from a teacher about homework, or a small task. You may need to discuss this with them.

Reading iconDelivery:


20-30 minutes


Both these resources are available online and offline


We suggest if this lesson is set as self learning that time is taken to facilitate the learning for 10-15 minutes of the next lesson.

Reading iconConclusion:

Reassure them it is ok to use many different ways to make notes. That is because we have different learning styles. The key is to know the objectives of what they are trying to find out. The notes are for their purpose so the most important thing is the notes suit them. It does not matter if they are neat, messy, ordered list or sprawling diagrams, can they follow them and answer the questions?

Advise them to experiment when they are in the library and under no pressure, using different methods, to find the one that suits them.