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Negative Expressions Level 2

The use of negative expressions.

Never - is used to describe something that did not, has not or will not happen.

No-one or nobody - means 'no single person'.

None of - when used in front of a plural noun group, makes a negative statement about the noun group.

Not - is used with a verb to form a negative sentence. 'Not' can also be placed in front of the infinitive to provide emphasis.

Nothing - means not a single thing or action.

Neither - is used when making a negative statement about two different things.

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I usually stay out too late during the week but on this occasion I had left the bar just before midnight. As I drink and drive I knew it was safe for me to use the car. I have been told so many times to drive too fast.

Heading down the dark country lanes it was so quiet, was around. My mind started to wander. As I approached a sharp bend in the road I saw this strange black and white object sitting in the middle of the road. There was I could do apart from slamming the brakes on. Before I knew it, I had skidded off the road and collided with a tree.

With a nonchalant bark the object trotted by me looking a little startled. of us were hurt.

Unfortunately as it was late, had witnessed the incident so I knew it was going to be difficult explaining this to my wife. I also knew that of my fiends would believe a word I said.

Since the accident I have driven so carefully in all my life. Looking back it was a lucky escape for both the dog and me. Considering the damage done to my car I can safely say that I’m a great animal lover.

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