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Sociology: Using official statistics
Offline Task

Offline Task

Open this page and print off the Statistics data on Age Structure. Read through the information, then answer the following questions from looking at the table on page 2:

Write out the heading that the table has.

  1. Is this heading quite clear for the reader? Give reasons for your answer.
  2. What do the column and row headings show?
  3. Are those column/row headings clear and if not, explain why not?
  4. Are any categories missing do you think (on any of the headings)? If so, which ones?
  5. When were the statistics produced?
  6. How were the statistics obtained? (If this is not clear, explain your answer)
  7. What units of measurement are being used e.g. Are they percentages, tens of thousands, millions or what?
  8. Who has produced the data?
  9. Look at the graph on page 1. Summarise what the graph shows.
  10. Do the table and graph show the same information?
  11. Explain one way that without care, this data could be distorted or misinterpreted.

Hand this work into your tutor.

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