Outputs from SAMD

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There is a Web site set up from which various resources developed in the project can be downloaded. Please consult this site for the downloads.

Please note: links with [PDF] after them are Adobe Acrobat files that require the Adobe Acrobat plug-in to be installed on your system. If this is not already installed you should be able to download and install the plug-in using the link at the bottom of this page.

To summarise, the resources include:

1. SOFTWARE available for download

The SAMD project developed some software items that future developers may find useful, although the technology has moved on since SAMD completed. These include:

The GSI-MOD_SSL patch is available to download. It has been updated to accept X.509v3 certificates. This patch can still be applied to any of the current mod_ssl codes for an apache 1.x installation to accept proxies.


Various presentations given by Celia Russell, Stephen Pickles and Mike Jones have outlined the SAMD project outcomes. For example at the ESRC Research Methods Combining data: using advanced technology to enhance social science resources, (Manchester, 18 December, 2002) the Final Report [PDF] describing the SAMD project; and a handout [PDF] summary of SAMD based on the poster displayed at the UK e-Science All Hands Meeting (September 2002).

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