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Task 5 - The 5 Whys analysis

The 5 Whys analysis is similar to the fishbone analysis but with an emphasis upon asking the question "Why?" until all possible explanations for a problem have been exhausted. This helps to identify where problems exist and difficulties lie in not being able to explain why! Click the link below to listen to the mini lecture to familiarise yourself with the 5 Whys Analysis

Mini Lecture - 5 Whys analysis

Once you have listened to the mini lecture click the link below to complete the 5 Whys analysis worksheet and see if you can identify the cause of the problem. You will notice that this uses the same case study as in the previous task. It has been included again within the worksheet to enable you to easily refer back to it.

Once you have had a go at completing your 5 Whys analysis, click here to compare it with a sample answer.

Move onto the next task when you are ready.