4 Welsh history: video resources

4.1 Introduction

In this section two video resources, describing different aspects of Welsh history, are presented. These complement the materials presented in the previous text and audio sections. They also offer you a visual context for some important aspects of Welsh history.

The first video resource is a set of short extracts from the first three BBC/Open University television series Coast, originally broadcast between 2005 and 2007. They explore some of the historical stories that make up the unique character of the Welsh coastline.

The second video resource is taken from Open University course AA302 From composition to performance: musicians at work, and shows how the musical and cultural identity of a Welsh Victorian brass band was reconstructed from a range of sources.

Watching the video

It is recommended that you read through the video player guide before watching the clips. This provides useful information on using the online video player and downloading the clips.

Video player guide

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These videos are available for you to download from the link below.

Video downloads