3 Welsh history: audio resources

3.1 Introduction

The following audio resource files are extracts from a series of seventeen BBC Radio Wales programmes first broadcast in 1999. They include discussion by eminent Welsh historians, many of whom have contributed to the essays presented in the previous text resources section.

It is important to point out that these are extracts from longer and more detailed discourses about the history of Wales, but they each contain important views and information that illustrate the nature of historical investigations into Welsh topics. The Welsh History and its Sources site contains additional information about most of the periods and in some cases the topics that are the subjects of discussion, and the glossary and timelines will help you contextualise the material.

To get the most out of this material it is worth listening to each clip more than once. In between each listening you should ask yourself what the key issues are about the subject that the speaker is addressing.

Listening to the audio

It is recommended that you read through the audio player guide before listening to the clips. this provides useful information on using the online audio player, downloading the clips and guidance on using Windows Media Player.

Audio player guide

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These audios are available for you to download from the link below.

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