9 Welsh history: timeline

9.1 Welsh history timeline

The Welsh history timeline provides a basic overview of the more important events in the history of Wales. It is a collation of events that span more than a thousand years. Additionally a selection of British and worldwide events are also recorded to give those events a broader context.

Click here to access the Welsh history timeline resource

When you open the Welsh history timeline resource you will be able to access historical data, from approximately 1150 to 2000. The timeline resource will display in a separate window. To explore the timeline, you can either click on the icons on the page and then use the back button to return to the main menu or you can uuse the links in the left-hand menu to work through the timeline.

The Welsh history timeline is presented to you as a series of Compendium maps. Compendium is a knowledge map software tool for visual thinking, used within the OpenLearn website. For more details on how to use Compendium and to see some examples of how it can be used, read the OpenLearn QuickStart Guide.