1 Note taking in this context

Although the audio file included in this unit was designed to compliment the D218 Social Policy: Welfare, Power and Diversity Open University course its contents are still relevant to anyone wishing to improve their understanding of note taking. The audio file, however, uses specific examples associated with the Social Sciences.

The audio file was recorded in 1998. John Clarke discusses the value and best ways of note taking with OU colleagues Esther Saraga and Gerry Mooney.

Participants in the discussion were:

Activity 1

Listen to the audio file. You may find it helpful to listen to the recording a second time and take some notes using the techniques that are described by the OU tutors.

Note: You will hear references to TMAs. This is an acronym for Tutor Marked Assignments. These are formal assessments associated with Open University courses.

Note taking part 1 (10 minutes 4.7 MB)

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Note taking part 2 (13 minutes 6 MB)

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