Your course might not include any maths or technical content but, at some point during your course, it's likely that you'll come across information represented in charts, graphs and tables. You'll be expected to know how to interpret this information. This unit will help you to develop the skills you need to do this. This unit can be used in conjunction with openlearn unit LDT_4 More working with charts, graphs and tables, which looks into more ways to present statistical information and shows you how to use charts, graphs and tables to present your own information.

Learning Outcomes

After studying this unit:

  • you will learn how to reflect on your mathematical history and existing skills, set up strategies to cope with mathematics and assess which areas need improving;
  • through instruction, worked examples and practice activities, you will gain an understanding of the following mathematical concepts:
  • reflecting on mathematics,
  • reading articles for mathematical information,
  • making sense of data,
  • interpreting graphs and charts;
  • you will be provided with a technical glossary, plus a list of references to further reading and sources of help, which can help you improve your maths skills.